In these terms and conditions, the following words shall have the meanings herein thereafter in the clause respectively assigned to them.

'MANAGER’ shall mean the centre manager of Pleasley Landmark Centre, which represents Pleasley Y2K committee.

‘THE HIRER’ shall mean the person or body of persons making an application to the hire form to which the application applies, for use of the centre and/or its facilities. The person/s making the booking must be over 18 years old or over.

‘THE PERIOD OF HIRE’ shall mean the period during which the hirer is entitled to use all or any part of the centre, including special arrangements with the manager for and/or after this period of time.

‘DATE OF HIRING’ shall mean the date on which the hirer is entitled to use the facility.

‘MAJOR BOOKING’ shall mean the hire of all or part of the centre for a period of more than three hours.

‘CENTRE’ OR ‘FACILITY’ shall mean the Pleasley Landmark Centre.

Words incorporating the masculine gender include the feminine and words on singular include the plural and vice versa.


The charges for the use of all or part of the centre shall be negotiated between the manager and the hirer.


Payment for a single booking shall be made by the hirer in full immediately upon receipt of acceptance, which will be signed by the manager or his representative, unless the hire is covered by special dispensation arranged by the manager or his representative (of which written consent will be used), or by agreement for payment to be made by either cash, cheque or BACS on receipt of invoice for the event.

The hirer may make payment of block bookings either:

a) Immediately on receipt of the invoice, which will be forwarded to the hirer at regular intervals (paid within 30 days of the date of hire).

b) At the reception desk prior to the period of hire

Major event bookings shall be liable to the minimum of 25% non-returnable deposit to be paid by the hirer at time of acceptance, with the balance to be paid 14 days prior to the event.


The manager reserves the right to:

Cancel any confirmed booking on 28 day's notice in writing by the manager or his representative to the hirer.

Upon any such cancellation, the manager will refund to the hirer any monies paid in respect of the bookings so cancelled, but will not be held responsible for any expenditure whatsoever in relation to the booking which the hirer may have incurred or be liable to pay.

Any cancellation or variation of any hiring by the hirer, must be in writing or via email, not less than 7 working days before the date of hiring. Cancellations made 7 working days or less up to the day before the event, then 50% of the full cost of the event will be charged. For non-attendance on the day or same day cancellation then the full event fee will be charged. In this event the manager will use his best endeavours to effect a hiring with another hirer.

The manager may cancel one or more dates of booking due to bank holidays, religious holidays or in periods of programmed maintenance.


The hirer shall not transfer the benefit or burden of the booking contract or any part thereof for any purpose whatsoever.


The manager shall specify the maximum number of persons permitted to use the centre or any part thereof for any purpose whatsoever.

The manager and all persons so authorised by him, reserve the right of entry to every part of the centre and the right to refuse admission of entry to every part of the centre, without stating any reason whatsoever.


The hirer shall be held responsible for the effective supervision of the hire arrangements and activities in any part of or the entire centre during the period of hire, and for the prevention of disorderly behaviour, and the hirer shall comply with any other reasonable requests of the manager, or any of his authorised personnel.

Hirers shall not commit, support and allow others, or be involved with any action which could be defined as discrimination whilst hiring or using the facility.

Any equipment used during the period of hire shall be left in a tidy and orderly condition at the end of the period hire.

Any part of the centre used during the period of hire shall be left in a tidy and orderly condition at the end of the period of hire.

The period of hire is inclusive of setting up and dismantling of equipment. This can be negotiated with the manager.

No furniture, apparatus or appliances shall be brought on to the premises without the prior consent of the manager or his representative.

Electrical equipment, which has been approved suitable for use by the manager, will require proof that an electrical examination has been carried out indicating the equipment meets the current electrical requirements for portable electrical equipment.


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